Plan Commission

Plan Commission Charter

The Plan Commission meets on:

  • 1st Wednesday of every month with the exception of holidays and other factors. Specials meetings can also be called to address specific items outside of the regular meeting dates.


The Plan Commission serves as an advisory body to the Town Board.


  • Anton Rang, Chair, Citizen Member 1
  • Chris Matter, Vice Chair, Citizen Member 2
  • Carol Loncar, Citizen Member 3
  • John Ringhofer, Citizen Member 4
  • Dave Lallier, Citizen Member 5
  • Erik Lorenz, Citizen Member 6
  • Justin Kruse, Town Board Supervisor
  • Laurie DeRosier, Town Board Supervisor
  • Rick Caruso, Citizen Member
  • Citizen Member


The term of office for the each Commission member and alternates shall be for a period of 3 years, ending on April 30.

There shall be three alternate members, one of whom shall be a Town Supervisor, elected in the even years, who shall be an alternate to the Town Board Chairperson. Alternates shall attend all meetings and participate in any hearings but shall only participate in deliberations and decisions when a regular member or Town Chairperson is absent, unavailable or has a conflict of interest. In the event that an alternate is needed to vote, there shall be designated first and second alternates and the first alternate shall be the most senior member.

Example of Duties

  • Enact, Update and/or Modify Ordinances
  • Make recommendations to the town board regarding property changes and/or land divisions
  • Make recommendations to the town board regarding variance requests


  • Plan Commission Chair: Monthly compensation of $100
  • Plan Commission Members: $20 per meeting attended, paid quarterly

Rule 10 – Appointment of Plan Commission or Committee Members

The Town Board shall appoint members to the Plan Commission according to any ordinance in effect and state law. All other committee members shall be appointed annually at the first Town Board meeting following the election of Town Board members; or as necessary when vacancies occur.

The following guidelines will be followed for any Commission or Committee vacancy:

  • Appointment to the Plan Commission will follow any town ordinance in effect and state law.
  • Appointment to a Town Committee will be established by the town board.

Serving on the Plan Commission

Town residents interested in serving on the Plan Commission need to submit a written Letter of Interest to


The Plan Commission was established by Resolution on September 7, 1995