Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets:

  • quarterly to review Town financial information and sets additional Special Meetings as necessary.


The Finance Committee of the Town of St. Joseph advises the Town Board and the Town Clerk/Treasurer about a broad range of financial matters of the town.  


  • The seven committee members will consist of: 
    • Fire / EMS Representative
    • One Town Board member 
    • Parks, Trails and Recreation/Plan Commission Representative 
    • Public Works Committee Representative
    • Town Clerk / Treasurer
    • Citizen Member 1
    • Citizen Member 2  
  • Alternates 
    • Deputy Clerk/Treasurer 
    • Citizen Member 


  • Advise the Town Clerk/Treasurer and the Town Board about financial matters including but not limited to the following: 
    • Borrowing Plans and Strategies
    • Custody and Investment of Town Funds
    • Fees and Costs of Financial Arrangements
    • Management 
    • Selection of Financial Service Providers
  • Annually review the Town Debt instruments to ascertain opportunities to make advantageous changes and present recommendations. 
  • Develop an annual quarterly cash flow projection.
  • Develop, update and maintain a ten-year financial plan relative to the Town’s needs.
  • Monitor budget preparation.
  • Monitor custody of funds to assure safety and optimization of investment returns.
  • Monitor expenditure of funds in comparison to budget.
  • Provide advice to the Town Clerk/Treasurer and Town Board as requested.
  • Any other duties that are relative to financial matters, not herein enumerated.

Interested in Serving on the Finance Committee? 

Send a Letter of Interest to


The Finance Committee was established by Resolution 2015-03.