Burning Information

A Town of St. Joseph Burn Permit is  required to be on file  if you want to burn in the Town.  Read the burning procedures as listed below.

Every time you  burn, you must call the St. Croix County Non-Emergency phone number 715-386-4701  to provide your name and address.  Failure to do so may result in fines.

Burning Permit Procedure

St. Joseph residents are required to obtain a perpetual burning permit. All instructions, as well as a copy of the town’s burning permit ordinance, are on the back of the application. The Town’s perpetual burning permit procedure is:

  • Pick up a FREE  burn permit form (this form is not available on-line)  at the Town Hall and/or Fire Department.   Burn permit forms are not available to complete on-line
  • Permits are available from:
    • Town of St. Joseph Fire Department Members
    • Town Clerk/Treasurer’s Office during regular hours

Burning permits are perpetual (for as long as you are the recorded owner of the property).

Once the permit has been signed you may burn following these steps:

On the day you wish to burn, call the St Croix County Communication Center (715-386-4701) and inform them that you have a burning permit and would like to burn. They will ask for your name, address of the actual burn location, and your phone number. If approved you may burn, provided there are no fire danger alerts. Remember, once you light the match, you are responsible for the fire. Follow the procedure each day you wish to burn.

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