Town Board of the Town of St. Joseph

Town Board Members are elected officials.  Each year in January a caucus is held. Thru a nomination process citizens are selected to appear on the April election ballot.

Chair 2017-2019 Theresa Johnson
Supervisor 1
2018-2020 Steve Bohl
Supervisor 2
2017-2019 Mike Long
Supervisor 3
2018-2020 Laurie DeRosier
Supervisor 4
2017-2019 Mark Simpson
Clerk/Treasurer Appointed Nicole Stewart
Wis. §60.20 Town board.  
(1)  Membership.  The town board consists of the supervisors of the town.  The board shall be designated “Town Board of ....".
(2) Quorum.  Two supervisors constitute a quorum of a 3-member town board, 3 supervisors constitute a quorum of a 4-member or 5-member town board, and 4 supervisors constitute a quorum of a 7-member town board under s. 60.21 (3).
(3) Meetings.  Meetings of the town board may be held in the town or in any other town, city or village in the same county or in an adjoining county, subject to subch. V of ch. 19.

Advisors to the board include the Town Attorney, Town Engineer, Plan Commission and the Committees of Finance, Public Works, Parks-Trails-Recreation and Public Safety.