Town Administration

Governing Officials

The town is governed by an elected five member, 2 year term, Town Board. Members of the board  are nominated  thru a Caucus process held each January, with the election held the second Tuesday of each April.  The Town Board Chair and Supervisors #2 and  #4 are elected on odd numbered years.  Supervisors #1 and #3 are elected on even numbered years.

The persons serving as governing officials do not hold regular office hours.  

In addition to the services of the Town Engineer and Town Attorney, the  five members of the Town Board are also advised by the Plan Commission and the Committees of  Finance, Public Works, Parks-Trails-Recreation and Public Safety.

Get Involved

View our Get Involved page for jobs, committee information and ways you can get involved.

Property Services

Assessor -  Mark Garlick, Chimney Rock Appraisals
Building Inspection Services - All-Croix Inspections, Corp.

Notice of Records

The persons serving as governing officials do not hold office hours.  
For more information see the Notice of Records (PDF).

Public Records

View more information on Public Records Request Fees (PDF).

Legal Notice & Disclaimers

View Legal Notice and Disclaimers (PDF).