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Public Works Committee

Public Works Charter:

To provide the Town Board of the Town of St Joseph with advice regarding the infrastructure of the Town including the maintenance of roads, sidewalks, streetlights, storm drains, road signage, and public works vehicles to protect the safety, health, welfare, and the infrastructure investment of the Town residents, businesses, and visitors. To provide quality service recommendations, within available resources and budgets, to the Town Board in a timely and efficient manner. To monitor and advise the Town Board on the quality of work being performed by chosen contractors/employees.



  • To identify and recommend potential maintenance needs for roads by inspecting each and every road at least twice annually, specifically in the spring and fall.
  • To review monthly specific topics relating to Local Roads (http://tic.engr.wisc.edu/Publications.lasso)
  • To recommend ongoing road maintenance needs as they are identified.
  • To recommend seal-coating and crack-sealing needs through the inspection of roads as identified in the long range plans.
  • To recommend long term planning in regard to rehabilitation or reconstruction of roads.
  • To identify ways to gather additional road traffic information to prioritize repair needs.
  • To recommend Road Restriction dates.
  • To create a Sign Inventory Plan following State Statutes, requirements, and guidelines.
  • To recommend replacement and/or new sign requirements.
  • To recommend a plan for mowing services and equipment, weed control, invasive species eradication, water drainage issues, or any other needs identified as pertains to roads, easements, ditches, culverts, and right of ways.
  • To recommend future road development by being actively involved with service providers and contractors.
  • To keep abreast of the latest trends by attending workshops pertaining to Public Works.
  • To interface with the residents through personal contact with regards to public works complaints.
  • To annually review and recommend to the Town Board changes and updates to the Town of St. Joseph’s Comprehensive Plan as pertains to Public Works and as needs dictate.
  • The Public Works Committee is comprised of five members of the community, including one elected Town Board member.  The Public Works Committee meets as needed and at least quarterly, and on the 1st Tuesday of the month. This offers enough time to complete reports and/or recommendations to the Town Board’s regularly scheduled meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month.