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Plan Commission Functions

Commitment to a well-planned future for the Town is the mission of the Town of St. Joseph’s Plan Commission. The Commission serves as an advisory body to the Town Board and is the place where issues can be studied and discussed in depth and at some length before a formal recommendation is made to the Town Board.

The meetings may involve work to incorporate or entertain changes and updates to the Town's ordinances, may consider property changes and new land divisions, may hear requests for variances to existing ordinances, may make recommendations for special exceptions or may consider other matters generally involving planning issues for the Town. The members take time to visit the sites under consideration in order to determine the consequences of any proposal being reviewed.

As the Town anticipates the growth it will see from the new St. Croix River Crossing, there will be incredible changes to be considered. By having a strong Comprehensive Plan in place, the Town can place controls on where and what kind of growth it will experience.

Residents’ opinions are needed. If you have an interest in the Town’s future, plan to attend the meetings and become involved. The Commission members generally meet once per month on the first Wednesday evening of the month, dependent upon holidays and other factors.