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Town Board Meeting Agenda
May 09, 2017
PDF Version: 23772_2017-May-09_Town Board Meeting Agenda .pdf


Town of St. Joseph - St. Croix County, WI

Hereby provided are written notice and the agenda of the public meeting as stated below. There is an opportunity for public comments as noted on the agenda upon recognition by the presiding officer.

Meeting of the Town Board St. Joseph Town Hall May 11, 2017, 6:00 P.M. Agenda

(Items on the agenda which are not scheduled for a specific time may be considered at any time with a motion by the Board.)

Call to Order – Statement of Public Notice – Roll Call – Adoption of Agenda – Pledge of Allegiance


Dates of Upcoming Meetings and Events:

May 16th Highway 64 Corridor Meeting

May 17th Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Meeting

May 23rd Public Safety Committee Meeting

June 3rd Bass Lake Rehab District Meeting

June 6th Public Works Committee Meeting

June 7th Plan Commission Meeting

June 8th Town Board Meeting


Monthly Status Reports:

1. Building Inspector

2. Zoning Administrator

3. Plan Commission

4. Fire Chief

5. Ems Chief

6. Joint Library

7. Parks

8. Wisconsin Town’s Association

9. Bass Lake Rehab District

10. Internet/Broadband

11. MS4/Urban Non-Point Source Grant

12. Houlton Facilities Plan


Consent Agenda:

1. Payment of Bills, Vouchers and POs

2. Approval of Meeting Minutes

       a. 04-13-2017

       b. 04-26-2017

       C. 04-26-2017


New business discussion and possible action on:

  1. Approve Change Order #1 for 2017 Maintenance Project
  2. Authorize Stantec to perform PASER road ratings for 2017 WISLR update
  3. Town Committee Member Appointments
  4. Town Board Assignments  
  5.  Update on the Houlton MHP, LLC Mobile Home Park
  6. Update the town’s Notice of Records Access Form
  7. Set Board of Review Date
  8. Operator’s License
    1. Lisa Segelstrom-B & L Liquor Store


Unfinished/Old Business


  1. Updating Committee Meeting Materials Policy
  2. Authorizing sending delinquent account to collections pursuant to Resolution 2015-13 Updating Resolution 2001-13 Establishing Delinquent Invoice Collection Fees
  3.  Continuing Medical Education Agreement between Regions Hospital Through Regions Hospital Emergency Medical Services and St. Joseph First Responders


Plan Commission Recommendation


  1.  Re-appoint Steve Balfanz and Jason Coyle to the Plan Commission for a three-year term (2017-2019)


  1. Appoint Anton Rang to the Plan Commission as a member upon the resignation of Carolyn Barrette for the term ending in 2018


  1. CSM Michael Anderson, 271 125th Ave., Hudson, WI 54016


Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Recommendation


  1.  Approve Alternate Applications: Gail Bahner & Tyler Tronnes


Public Works Committee Recommendation

  1. Recommend that the board approve a meeting between Stantec, the Town Chair, a member of the Public Works Committee and a contractor for further discussion regarding this process
  2. Recommend that the Town Board go forward with the Red Pine Trail replacement project.  
  3. Recommend that the board remove the “extra 3 tonnage” on the bottom of our weight restriction signs so that they are all the same since some of the signs have it and some do not


Public Comment


Closed Session: per Sec 19.85 (1)© of the Wisconsin Statues for considering employment, promotion, compensation, or performance evaluation data of an employee


  1. Consideration of Employment for St. Joseph Fire Department: Robert Burke, Thomas Bradac, Monica Bradac, Jonatahn Boggess and David Krause
  2. Open Session: following the consideration of employment
  3. Board Action: discussion and possible action regarding the consideration of employment


Budget YTD Review


Items for next Plan Commission or Town Board Agendas




Meeting notice posted as follows: Posted as required by Nicole Stewart Clerk/Treasurer Town of St. Joseph- 1337 County Road V- Hudson, WI 54016 Office 715-549-6235 Fax 715-549-6249- [email protected]

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