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Town Board Meeting Agenda
Dec 14, 2017
PDF Version: 24556_2017-Dec-14_Town Board Meeting Agenda.pdf

Town of St. Joseph - St. Croix County, WI

Hereby provided are written notice and the agenda of the public meeting as stated below. There is an opportunity for public comments as noted on the agenda upon recognition by the presiding officer.

Meeting of the Town Board St. Joseph Town Hall December 14, 2017, 6:00 P.M. Agenda

(Items on the agenda which are not scheduled for a specific time may be considered at any time with a motion by the Board.)

Call to Order – Statement of Public Notice – Roll Call – Adoption of Agenda – Pledge of Allegiance

Dates of Upcoming Meetings and Events:

December 19th Special Primary Election

December 20th Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Meeting

January 2nd: Public Works Committee Meeting

January 3rd: Plan Commission Meeting

January 10th: Bass Lake Rehab District Meeting

January 11th: Town Board Meeting

Monthly Status Reports:

  1. Building Inspector
  2. Deputy Zoning Administrator
  3. Plan Commission
  4. Fire Chief
  5. EMS Chief
  6. Joint Library
  7. Parks, Trails & Recreation
  8. Wisconsin Town’s Association
  9. Bass Lake Rehab District
  10. Internet/Broadband

Consent Agenda:

  1. Payment of Bills, Vouchers and POs
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes
    1. 11-09-2017
    2. 11-14-2017
    3. 11-29-2017

New business discussion and possible action on:

  1. Operator’s License
    1. Jeremiah Sindelar- Countryside Co-op
  2. 2018 Town of St. Joseph Private Kennel License
    1.  Ruth & Tim Lewis- 368 Trout Brook Trail Hudson, WI 54016
    2. Mary Tyson- 376 117th Ave. Hudson, WI 54016
  3. Animal Humane Society and Town of St. Joseph, WI Letter of Understanding for Impound Housing Services 2018
  4. Authorizing sending delinquent account to collections pursuant to Resolution 2015-13 Updating Resolution 2001-13 Establishing Delinquent Invoice Collection Fees
  5. Set date for Caucus
  6. Appoint Election Inspectors for a two-year term starting January 1, 2018
  7. Election Worker Compensation
  8. Set date for Special Town Board Meeting regarding year end financial updates and transfers
  9. Question regarding three-acre lot size requirements in the Town of St. Joseph

Parks, Trails & Recreation Committee Recommendations

  1. Resolution 2017-18: Authorizing the Submittal of a Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDot) 2018-2022 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant Application  
  2. Resolution 2017-19: Prioritization of Hiking, Biking, and Other Trails within the Outdoor Recreation Plan and the Town of St. Joseph Bike & Pedestrian Trail Plan  

Plan Commission Recommendations

  1. Tom Schottler CSM minor concept application for Parcel ID: 030-1048-70-105
  2. White Eagle Golf Course Setback Waiver for proposed new clubhouse at 316 White Eagle Trail

Public Safety Committee Recommendations

  1.  Town Hall Security Camera System

Unfinished/Old Business

  1. 2016 Bank Change Loan Term Revision (Language Only)
  2. Local Road Improvement Programs (LRIP) Town Road Improvement (TRI-D) Application
  3. Bass Lake Hypolimnetic Withdrawal Feasibility Study
  4. Greenspace Trail Property Acquisition with St. Peter’s United Church of Christ
  5. TAP Grant Application 
  6. Update on the Houlton MHP, LLC Mobile Home Park

Public Comment

Budget YTD Review

Items for next Plan Commission or Town Board Agendas


Meeting notice posted as follows: Posted as required by Nicole Stewart Clerk/Treasurer Town of St. Joseph- 1337 County Road V- Hudson, WI 54016 Office 715-549-6235 Fax 715-549-6249- [email protected]



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